Best Affordable Knockoff AirPods You Can Get

Apple’s AirPods are one of the best wireless earbuds and trendsetters in fashion statements. However, they aren’t the most reasonable audio product due to its starting price of $159, while their premium AirPods Pro, which features a pair of the noise-canceling buds, will set you back at $250.

No wonder several inexpensive knockoffs have surfaced all over the web because of people wanting to fit in for a small price. Many low-cost AirPods look-alikes are even sold on Amazon alone. Unfortunately, none of these fake AirPods came close to passing for the real thing when it comes to the quality of the sound. However, in terms of appearance, some will fool the average passerby. Here is a list of the best affordable knockoff AirPods under $50.

i11 Bluetooth Headset

These AirPod wannabes are quite convincing, particularly from the outer part. The case, however, is a half-inch bigger, appears to be identical to the real thing. But the plastic seems cheap, though, and the cap is snappy too. With a sharp shake, it opens and shuts, which real AirPods certainly don’t do.

When it comes to its audio, this fake AirPod has the most disappointing bass drop. Though the sound may be clear enough, it’s flat and bleak. But the good news is, it features an extensive collection of touch controls, which allows you to adjust the volume with just quick taps. If you want to power off that single bud, you can use a long press on either earpiece.

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HSPRO Bluetooth Headphones

This case resembles a real AirPods case that was inflated with a large pump of air. The magnetic cap works like a genuine case, and its plastic even feels near the real thing. The outside doesn’t seem cheap, though. You wouldn’t even think it’s fake. At first glance, the general earbud shape suggests the presence of the genuine AirPods in your ears, but when you look closely at the stem, it’s flat, not rounded.

In terms of its audio quality, these imposters have something to offer.  These don’t have the sensors, though, so you will have to use the buttons when you want to pause and play. Overall, these earbuds work reasonably well for its price.

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Usams Wireless Headphones

This phony AirPods case resembles a genuine AirPods case after an experience with a hydraulic press. It has a matte surface as opposed to a plastic glisten, which could pass as the real thing from the outside.  But inside, the bud stems are quite identical to the genuine AirPods. The actual buds, however, are bigger and more oblong. They also come with rubber caps on them, which genuine AirPods have attempted to deem a faux pas. Those rubber caps, though, keep these buds safe in its place.

The best part about these phony AirPods is that they are almost nearly noise-canceling. They are the best affordable knockoff AirPods which likable by many despite having a few pricier brand-name models available in the market.

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