Best Lenses For Smartphones

Today, smartphone cameras are getting a lot better. These devices are mostly used, and in everyone’s pockets at all times, it makes sense that a lot of photographers, either professional or amateur, are turning to them as the means to capture the moment.

Today’s smartphones are quite amazing, with cameras that can produce images of astounding quality. Those phones made within the past few years have been equipped with new camera features, including regular, telephoto lenses, ultra-wide, and even zooms. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need any add-on lenses. So here, we’re giving you our top five top choices of the best lenses for smartphones in 2020.

Olloclip iPhone 11 Pro ElitePack

Compatible with: iPhone Pro Max | Number of lenses: Three | Lens types: Fisheye 180, Telephoto 2x, Macro 15x

For iPhone 11 Pro Max users and you want to get the most out of its impressive camera tech. Investing in some of market-leader Olloclip’s latest glass will be a great add-on. What’s great about it is that the kit contains two lenses in one: a 15x Macro and a 180-degree fisheye, as well as a 2x telephoto lens to give you more reach. This will give you real versatility, and if you’re thinking of doing a lot of shooting with your Pro Max, the investment is one that’s worth making.

ShiftCam ProLens Deluxe Kit

Compatible with: Most smartphones | Number of lenses: Five | Lens types: Fisheye, Telephoto, Macro, Long-range Macro, Wide-angle

This may not be cheap and may not be subtle. The fantastic ProLens series from ShiftCam do make a considerable difference when it comes to iPhone photography. Attached via a switchable plate system, the lenses mount into a bracket that fits inside ShiftCam’s phone case. All the lenses are impressively sharp, and you can purchase each individually if you don’t want to drop a dollar on the full kit.


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Xenvo Pro Lens kit

Compatible with: Most smartphones | Number of lenses: Two | Lens types: Wide-angle, Macro

Xenvo’s two-in-one kit works with the vast majority of smartphones, fitting snugly over cases to provide a quick and easy bolster to your image-making. The lenses included in the kit are a wide-angle and a macro; the wide-angle is decent enough, while the macro is excellent, making smartphone close-up photography an impressive reality. Plus, it also includes an LED light to add further versatility to your close-up work. If you’re on a tight budget, this kit is a notch!


Moment Wide Lens

Compatible with: Most smartphones | Number of lenses: One | Lens type: 0.63x wide-angle

This award-winning lens, Moment, produces a small range of high-quality smartphones. Unlike most other options, you don’t need to clip this to your phone. You just attach it to a case, which is designed for a range of smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and Google.


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Moment Fisheye Lens

Compatible with: Most smartphones | Number of lenses: One | Lens type: 0.63x wide-angle

This lens works like the Moment wide lens does, but it gives you a 50° wider field of view. It provides the coverage of a traditional 14mm fisheye lens. Filling the frame with a distorted image that you can use to create dramatic effects. The Moment fisheye lens is also perfect in taking pictures in tight spaces. Plus, it has an ultra-wide 170°, perfect to those who shoot architecture or interiors or want portraits with a cartoon-like appearance.

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