Choosing A Home Security Camera

Keeping your home secured has never been this easy, thanks to the latest home security camera that are now available in the market. Connected to your Wi-Fi, these video cameras let you receive video clips, alerts and even live video feeds to your phone, giving you fast and easy access to monitor your home while you’re still out.

Pick The Right Camera Type

The type of home security camera you will have to purchase depends on where you are planning to place it. Whether it’s a wireless security camera or a video doorbell, there are many options for a security camera to choose from.

A video doorbell is ideal in monitoring the front or back door or a wireless security camera if it’s for another area of your property. Although all video doorbells are meant to withstand different elements, not all of them are weatherproof. So make sure to double-check the specs first before getting your home security camera that you want to place outside.




Choose Your Power Source

When it comes to placement inside and outside your home, video doorbells and battery-powered wireless security cameras are the two that offer the most flexibility. Depending on the type of camera and how it is often used, you’ll need to recharge it from weekly charging to every once or twice a year. You can, however, pick either hardwired cameras or doorbells to sidestep the recharging issue. However, placement options will be limited unless you do not mind running an extension cord or hiring a professional.

Check If The Camera Supports Cloud Storage

It is also essential to check the capacity of the free cloud storage that comes with. In either camera or doorbell, and how much it costs for extra storage. Most manufacturers prefer cloud storage over memory cards because the footage will be stored remotely on a server. The video files are quite large as well. Choosing non-cloud storage will not give you the idea if someone tries to break into your home. Once you miss the alert for a potential intruder. Plus, many of these home security cameras won’t allow you to download video clips to send them to authorities unless you’re willing to pay up extra fees.





Protect Your Privacy

While these home security cameras offer security. It’s also important to remember how they provide a view into your home. Connecting it first to the internet is a must. If viewing your home from your device is possible. Then there’s also a possibility that the manufacturer can also take a peek at the home. To secure your privacy, never use the default credentials. Moreover, you will need to create your login.

If your home security camera offers two-factor authentication, be sure to activate it. It gives you extra security that sends you a one-time-use code. It can be via a phone call, a text message, or an email, be sure to activate it. Activating this will give a hacker a hard time accessing your camera. Unless he also gains access to your one-time passcode.


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