Razer Kishi V2 for iPhone is the new Mobile Gaming Hype

Razer now carries a console-quality controls to all mobile devices for a definitive portable gaming experience.

The arrival of the Razer Kishi V2 for iPhone, is the latest hype to bring the handheld gaming accessories for iPhone uses. Razer, as one of the world’s top  brand for gamers. Declared the brand’s most recent expansion to the famous versatile mobile gaming setup. – The Razer Kishi V2 for iPhone. This new expansion carries console-quality controls to all mobile platforms for a definitive handheld and mobile gaming experience.

Image source: Razer.com/mobile-controllers/Razer-Kishi-V2/RZ06-04190100-R3U1

Razer originally presented the Kishi V2 back in July of this current year, introducing the up and coming age of Kishi and carrying premium quality material controls to the portable gaming market. Presently, iPhone clients can encounter the equivalent improved, console-quality controls and consistent smartphone interactivity while streaming the most recent AAA titles or locally playing versatile game deliveries.


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The Kishi V2 for iPhone will incorporate honor winning elements incorporating great contributions with all-new material microswitch controls demonstrated after the eminent Razer Wolverine V2 console regulator. Kishi V2 for iPhone uses can likewise utilize the double programmable multifunction buttons and the Share button, permitting gamers to rapidly video capture the ideal in-game stills or video cuts.

Image source: Razer.com/mobile-controllers/Razer-Kishi-V2/RZ06-04190100-R3U1

The Kishi V2 for iPhone consolidates a better plan of the improved on span giving a more steady feel in addition to an agreeable grasp and profoundly versatile structure factor. The Kishi V2 for iPhone likewise promotes general similarity with present day iPhone models, including a plan that future-evidences Kishi V2 for select impending iOS gadgets.


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